The North Carolina Narcotics Agent Regional Cooperative (NCNARC) was formed in 1971 for the purpose of creating a narcotics intelligence network around the state so violators could be tracked.

In the mid-1980's, NCNARC's training gained accreditation through the North Carolina Justice Academy and became recognized through the Attorney General's Office, whereby the Organization became a member of the Law Enforcement Associations Presidents group (L.E.A.P.).

During the mid-1990's, NCNARC became a charter member of the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition. At present, the Coalition is made up of 33 State Narcotics Officer Associations that represent approximately 50,000 Narcotics Officers throughout the nation. The Coalition represents drug law enforcement in legislative issues and various bills that are represented on Capitol Hill.

  In 1995, NCNARC's name was changed to the North Carolina Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association (NCNEOA) so the Association could hold a non-profit status. Despite the name change, the Association's publication is still known as NCNARC and serves an excess of 500 members.